Blink 182

182 Days in a foreign country, filled with foreign people, foreign food, foreign customs and foreign laws. Then again, everything feels so normal and similar. Nice people, great food, familiar customs and well.. the laws.. let’s not get too acquainted with those just yet. The evolution of aliensdontsleep is now in color, as a 1-pic-per-day series of life in Canada. Half a year in black and white, half a year in color. I don’t want to blink, because I don’t want it to be over. A new beginning, shot on old film. Some ‘highlights’ as the story develops..

Olympus XA / 35mm f2.8 / Fuji Pro 400H / Toronto (& GTA), CA / 2014
Dev & Scan @ Toronto Image Works

Architecture & Dance III – Part 1

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Architecture: the word itself rings of incredible man-made marvels, high rise structures, extending through the clouds,. Essentially architecture creates shelter, protection and warmth for its occupant which stands the test of time. Architecture are made by humans for humans. Sometimes though, architectural works are abandoned by the people it was intended to serve, most of the time due to unforeseen circumstances. In the end, these once thriving architectural marvels only awaits the reclamation of mother nature. Enter Architecture & Dance III, the synthesis of dance and dilapidated architecture. This series brings meaning to the existence of abandoned architecture.




I would like to take this opportunity to thank the two amazing ballerinas, Lim Shin Hui & Joelle Jacinto for their time and effort in creating such stunning photographs with me. These are only half of the photos which I would be sharing with you all, you have gotta hold on to your sea horses for Part 2. Stay tuned!

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Adieu? Yes, but not quite..

Dear friends and followers,

After careful and long consideration I have decided to no longer host my ‘portfolio’ on WordPress. As much as I have loved this platform for showcasing my work, I have found that there are other alternatives which suit my needs better. Alternatives with less hassle and less configuration. Simple, beautiful and BIG. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be migrating some of my photographs there, and will continue posting new work there as well. My blog page at WordPress however will stay intact, and I’ll keep posting and re-blogging stuff that interests me, as I have done to this date. New photographs I publish on JUX will also appear here, as blog posts.



Since I am now beta-testing for JUX, I’m intending to make better and much more frequent use of their fantastic platform. I’ve already had a few sites up at JUX, but now everything is moving there. So, if you like, do visit my sites there and keep up-to-date with whatever comes across my lens.

Many thanks for all your visits and comments, and hope to see you soon as a fellow JUXer! My sites at JUX are:

Titanium Mike (main, under Boris Bullski, and including ‘Pensieve’)

ALIENSDONTSLEEP (documenting life on film)

Cranberry Chutney (digital (composite) photographs of my new home)



Go back to film!

A good article I just came across..must read for all you film lovers! Via


Our DSLRs have confused us. We obssess over the wrong things. Sharpness at 400%; bokeh characteristics of lenses produced from what-must-surely-be prancing magical unicorns; high burst speed frame rates that make cameras sound like gatling guns; 4k resolution to shoot better cat videos; 100 auto focus points that still won’t focus on what we need them to; and noise performance at 400,000 ISO. Absolutely none of these will make your photographs better. Shooting film will though, here’s why.

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A-Polaroid-A-Day / The People’s Park

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Scan 2 copy

My favourite place of the Summer. A secret park down the road from my house which has the best views of London. I discovered this place a couple of weeks ago when a friend of mine hosted his birthday party there. We had to crawl through a hole in a fence and climb up some steps to get in. It really felt like a people’s park. Different groups who had also discovered the place were having makeshift BBQs. One guy even managed to set up a projector to screen the world cup while everyone gathered together and watched on the hill.

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