Who’s short a screw?

Hi! My name is Michel (or Mike) and I’m just some Dutch guy trying to get feet on the ground in Toronto, Ontario. Err..okay, so: Dutchie. Duh. A.k.a. Big Blue, aliensdontsleep, GrandCousinMike, The Most Coolest Uncle (to be) In The Universe. Many springs young. Smelly celluloid. People. Places. Vinyl. Holes. Release (button). Lens. Fiction. Freedom. Black & White. Anonymous. Friends. Dedication. Loyal. Travel. Color? Food. Beer. Cuisine. Wine. Books with letters. Pictures. Moving pictures. Pictures move (me). Frustrating. Dredd. Sneakerzoom. Don & Wood. Stupid laws. Ask. Polite. Police. Postcard. Canadians? Orange. Freud. Freude. Fraud. César & Thom. Frame. Holy Grail. Accidental Asianatic. And then there’s coffee..