It’s a boy!

IMG_0568And he’s kicking up a storm! ‘Het grote woord’ came today, it’s a very healthy boy and he’s moving around like he’s ready to storm out. And at 6.7inch (17cm), he’s growing just nicely. Super happy for my sister..and counting down to November..



And there we go again. Living in Toronto is great, but apparently not when you like to photograph with film. The amount of ‘professional’ photo labs has shrunk dramatically, leaving only a few ‘reputable’ labs to do one’s developing and/or scanning. And I’ve tried about all I could find here. Some great ones are out of business (like Caribou Lab), and others not in this area (Carmencita Lab in Spain, for example) are excellent but just too expensive to send negatives to on a regular basis. And then there’s TIW (Toronto Image Works).

I’ve had mixed results with this lab in the past. It’s conveniently located downtown Toronto, and has a good reputation. It should, being founded by one of Canada’s leading photographers, Edward Burtynsky. During 2014 I’ve send quite a few rolls there with usually good results. They come at a price, but hey, I guess that’s life for a film photographer who doesn’t have the time or resources to develop his own film all the time. There have been a few snags though. Like me complaining about scratches on my negatives, the rep (or tech, who knows) at the front desk explaining that’s due to the pressure plate in my camera (which it wasn’t). All this while he’s handling my negatives without gloves and pointing flaws out on the celluloid with his fingers. Very professional.

So I shouldn’t have been too surprised when I received my latest results from 2 rolls of color film (Fuji Pro 400H) and I was again disappointed. Very grainy scans, clear scratches and/or dirt on the negatives and an absurd delivery method. Usually the scanned files are uploaded to an FTP folder where I can download the whole batch at once. Now though it seemed that that file was too large to download from their FTP server (as prompted by that server), forcing me to download the files one by one. This also showed (by file details such as upload time, file size, etc) that some files had been edited but didn’t show any hint of improvement over the others.

Thus I write an email to complain and ask for an explanation. Citing my previous experiences with this company, attaching visual proof of the grainy scans, scratches, file irregularities and other mishaps. I mean, in this day and age such things should not be possible, especially not for a lab like this. I’ve sent much more questionable rolls of film shot with horrible and ancient camera’s to, for example, Carmencita Lab, and received incredible results, including the lab tech’s feedback. Timely, flawlessly and at a (not counting shipping) reasonable price.

Well, I did receive response from no less than the General Manager at TIW. It reads like this:

“..At this time, I just wanted to acknowledge that I have received your email.  I would like to go back and pull your order, take a look at the scanning and see where anything went wrong and what we can do to fix these issues for you. I assure you, you will have a response tomorrow once I have had a chance to look all over and speak with my technician. We would like to keep you as a satisfied client.  We do have a good reputation for a reason.  I want to make sure we keep it that way. Speak with you tomorrow.”

Which was encouraging. So I wait. And the next day passed without a word. Hmm, wasn’t that what I was promised? A timely response, at least? But no. So, I had enough and wrote the dear GM:

“I was initially encouraged by your email, though have lost most of that enthusiasm. Today has passed without the assured response from you. I do not know how to respond to this, other than that I kindly request you to have the negatives still at your lab (two rolls of Fuji Pro 400H) be sent to my home address, saving me the time and trouble of driving downtown to pick them up. Thanks in advance.”

Paying $15 in parking for a 2 minute pick up and setting foot in this lab which will, no doubt, aggravate me even more, is not something I’m willing to do at this point in time.

Without the context and history of previous disappointments at this lab, my actions might seem harsh, but I do have this context and history. And enough is enough. It seems that unknown, amateur photographers who don’t generate a whole lot of revenue don’t seem to matter much for labs such as this one. It’s a good thing I didn’t win Scotiabank’s Contact 2016 Portfolio Reviews Award and I wasn’t awarded a $2,500 credit towards Toronto Image Works. Or maybe then I would have been taken seriously?


The 6ix

As so dubbed by Drake, “the 6ix” is starting to grow on me. It has been from the moment I first set foot here. I find this an interesting city. It’s definitely a metropole, yet keeps a certain quirky cosmopolitan feel to it. Urban areas somehow blend into the ‘city’ seamlessly, and so do the people who make up the GTA. There’s so much to do and see that I wouldn’t know where to start, each area is more interesting than the next. I feel comfortable here, at home even. All my whims are taken care of, whether it’s cultural, artistic or the simple joys of foods and beverages.

This summer I will attempt to capture some of how this city speaks to me in images, hopefully to result in a little document for myself (and you) that shows my new found affection for Ontario’s capital. A first interpretation starts today; Part One of 6IX. More to follow..

A few examples of the first gallery as just posted on my website. Please note that the original scans have been edited to compensate for the, in my opinion, lab’s botched scanning.


Tulips at Edwards Gardens


Toronto Skyline from Riverdale Park East


Gooderham Building (Flatiron) at Front St E and Church St


Edwards Botanical Gardens at Lawrence Ave E


Brookfield Place at Bay St


Streetcar at Sumach St and Queen St E

With whom?

It’s Sunday morning 8:37AM and I have nothing better to do than writing a new blog entry. Today it’s about collaborations between (members of) Radiohead and other musicians. Of which there have been a lot. And some of the music produced is so beautiful it might just be your Sunday morning inspiration.

I’ve been collecting Radiohead’s music for a while now, and that includes (like a real fan) everything. All their albums, live recordings, bootlegs, foreign issues, limited editions, rare recordings..and duets, collaborations (mostly Thom Yorke doing the vocals) and others. Sometimes I know the other artists, sometimes I don’t. I find this part of collecting quite fun. Especially when one finds something totally unexpected.

Last week I was watching the Japanese movie Kokuhaku (Confessions) and I could have sworn I heard a very familiar voice. And indeed, after a little searching I found that Thom Yorke was singing Last Flowers, a track featured on the In Rainbows Bonus Disc. Beautiful.

So I thought I’d make a little list of the collaborations I am aware of (to be found on YouTube), but there might be more. If you spot something..please do let me know! Enjoy.





For which there’s no usable English translation. Things to keep me busy, I suppose. One of my guilty pleasures are Asian movies, particularly from the hands of directors like Kim Ki-Duk, Akira Kurosawa, Il-Gon Son, Takashi Miike, Yojiro Takita and many more. I won’t go too deep into what triggered my affection to these genres, but suffice to say such movies keep me glued behind my TV screen for hours at end. I watch them like reading books.

Perhaps it’s the cinematography. Perhaps it’s the story lines. Perhaps it’s the psychology behind the characters. Perhaps it’s minimalism, extremism or even existentialism. Who knows, it’s however meant for an entirely different conversation. But it can surely be fun to take mental snapshots, which I do often. So here’s a little memory game I devised for myself..just a start, there’s much more coming. Single lines that mean something, anything, to me or to you perhaps also.  Continue reading

I’m just waiting

The long wait for the new album is over. And it looks promising. Aside from the expected bucket load of artwork, there’s an 11-track (only) CD, double vinyl, digital download and Special Edition (including art album, 2 LP’s, 2 CD’s and a piece of an original master tape..from anywhere in their recording history – back to Kid A) available.


I’ll have to skip on the last one’s pricing puts it just outside what I’m willing to pay for this release. might just show up somewhere cheaper later on in life, these things have happened before (but not when you give away your limited edition clear vinyl copy of TKOL to your best friend :P).


As for the music..I can’t tell you much yet! I’m going to order the CD or LP and will have to wait a month, at least. Or I’ll just wait altogether for it to show up in stores because for me it’ll 2x the going rate because of shipping cost. Meh. A-Moon-Shaped-Pool11 Tracks isn’t much, but the beauty of this release is that, as I understand it, most of these tracks have been in the works for many years now. Could have ended up on previous albums but never did. Were never quite ‘ready’ to be released. So it’s really a peek into Radiohead’s past, a little. And I am excited over that. But I tell myself I’m a patient man, so I’ll suffer through the additional time. It’s not all bad. Waiting makes results sweeter doesn’t it? We’ll see..