Also from my time in Buffalo, this little gem. Found in a used book store, literally days after I watched a documentary on the same subject. Had a little chat with the prorietor..who had no idea what this book was about (being a self-proclaimed history buff), flipped through it, still drew a blank. Okay people..I know that not everyone is supposed to know everything about WW2..but this? Perhaps the blackest page in US domestic policy during those times? Some reference to this obscenity (‘happy’ 100th birthday!) should be taught at schools one would think?

We Europeans are taught this. Oh that’s right..Europe, where’s that again? No problem, I didn’t say a word.


Good book, very worthwhile reading, and obviously strong (yet redacted?) imagery from Ansel Adams. Look the documentary up on Netflix or find a copy of this book for yourself. You’ll not be wasting money.