It’s a boy!

IMG_0568And he’s kicking up a storm! ‘Het grote woord’ came today, it’s a very healthy boy and he’s moving around like he’s ready to storm out. And at 6.7inch (17cm), he’s growing just nicely. Super happy for my sister..and counting down to November..


Large Peanuts

Update! Everything is going well and growing steadily..almost 8cm (3inch). So exciting! Sis is coping very well and getting used to the prospect of being a mommy..yay!

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Blog Exclusive

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Blue Jays in action

Holidays are over, time to clean up the picture libraries. Sometime later this year there’ll probably be more coming once I finally develop some rolls of film. Till then, digisnaps is what there is, and here are some web exclusives. Behind the scenes. In the VIP area. Private moments. Indulging moments. All that jazz. Good and fresh memories, which will be just stewing and brewing till more can be made.. Couldn’t have wished for a better start of spring and my Canadian adventure. Thank you titta -xxx-.


Oho! I forgot to tell you..

That I’m going to be an uncle! That’s right..I’m THAT old. My ‘little’ sister and her boyfriend Alex are expecting, and I’m SO excited for her! For myself a little bit as well because I’m obviously going to be the coolest uncle ever, this goes without saying. So as we wait for the little peanut to grow and grow, I’ll periodically keep you guys posted on what comes to my ear about this miracle. On ice ;)

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And there she goes again

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Dinner at the CN Tower

It was an absolute delight having my sister over again. But as with all things, this must come to an end. Today. We had a great time (and more shopping), dining, sight-seeing and just some quality time together. It’s taken a toll on everyone..we’re all tired (old and broken bodies) and my sister (who’s eating for 2) especially. So today we’re going to just chill, and then I’ll send her off tonight. To hopefully see her soon again, but in any case once the peanut has grown enough to see the light of day and to start wreaking havoc. Because that’s expected from a Scorpio.