For which there’s no usable English translation. Things to keep me busy, I suppose. One of my guilty pleasures are Asian movies, particularly from the hands of directors like Kim Ki-Duk, Akira Kurosawa, Il-Gon Son, Takashi Miike, Yojiro Takita and many more. I won’t go too deep into what triggered my affection to these genres, but suffice to say such movies keep me glued behind my TV screen for hours at end. I watch them like reading books.

Perhaps it’s the cinematography. Perhaps it’s the story lines. Perhaps it’s the psychology behind the characters. Perhaps it’s minimalism, extremism or even existentialism. Who knows, it’s however meant for an entirely different conversation. But it can surely be fun to take mental snapshots, which I do often. So here’s a little memory game I devised for myself..just a start, there’s much more coming. Single lines that mean something, anything, to me or to you perhaps also.  Continue reading