Captain Canuck


Say what? Yup that’s right. Canada has it’s own set of super heroes. Little did I know! There’s this Captain Canuck, and an ‘Avengers-like’ team called Alpha Flight. OMG. As if there weren’t enough super heroes.


As far as I understand, Alpha Flight has actually been running since 1983. Since then the entire team has been scrapped and resurrected, lost and gained team members, introduced secondary teams (Beta Flight, Omega Flight?), and on top of it all, Wolverine was slated to be it’s team leader?

Okay I can’t keep up anymore. Mr. Canuck, not affiliated with Alpha Flight, kindly patrols the most powerful country in the world (since that’s what Canada was labelled in 1993). This dude is as old as I am (first published in 1975), and is, of course, always adorned in this friggin’ maple leaf costume. Don’t get me wrong, I like myselff some maple leaf (when it’s in liquor). But really? And with a beard? I bet his superpower is a punchline like ‘Eh, I’m sorry’.

Anyway, I am mildly interested in looking these characters up. There might be something to it. Perhaps on the next ComiCon I’ll find some stuff or inspiration..who knows, right? Fun is fun is fun.

The postcards I found of Mr. Canuck will find their way to some grateful recipient I’m sure. Thanks to Silver Snail Comics. Must-visit if you’re in Toronto.


I don’t think there’s been (or ever will be) an Alpha Flight feature film, but perhaps some characters could be spotted in other Marvel(lous) movies to come. That doesn’t stop the fans though. Have a look at this fantastic clip:


Okay that’s weird

Coming to Canada has opened up a lot of doors otherwise closed or hard to locate. For example comic books. Sure there’s plenty to go around in the Netherlands, but not in such huge quantities as over here. Strangely enough this is where I decided to do something about my Judge Dredd fascination, and not in Europe (since Judge Dredd was conceived in the UK, not North America). Thankfully there’s Dredd to be found..lots of stuff. Mountains of stuff. Slowly I’m building a isn’t much but that’s not the point. It’s possible and therefor I’m doing it. Because Dredd is so cool. And I mean the Sly Dredd. Here’s my comics collection thus far..more to follow soon.