Probably quite inappropriate to some, but perfectly fine to me. Music is a thing. It’s always on, I’m always searching for undiscovered gems, in whatever genre. I can’t remember when I wasn’t asked to put something on, look for some tunes or just cast in a corner with a laptop and provide some beats while the party continues. Not strange then that my music library is perpetually out of storage space and that’s a good thing I don’t spend my very last cent on vinyl. Because there wouldn’t be a house large enough to contain it, nor a bank account deep enough to pay for it.

2016livedjsetsSo..every now and then I look around and find shit. And nowadays I just put what I find in some kind of playlist or mix or whatnots..burn it or upload it to ‘the clooouudd’, and leave it right there. It’s contagious though..because I can’t stop. I keep infecting myself with this virus. It’s MAS. Not GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). And I like it. Stop me.

These are a few of the latest compilations (I make them for myself but whoever wants one, being inner-circle-friend and all, can get one). Totally stupid ‘album art’ but who cares. I like it and that’s all that matters, non?




Also from my time in Buffalo, this little gem. Found in a used book store, literally days after I watched a documentary on the same subject. Had a little chat with the prorietor..who had no idea what this book was about (being a self-proclaimed history buff), flipped through it, still drew a blank. Okay people..I know that not everyone is supposed to know everything about WW2..but this? Perhaps the blackest page in US domestic policy during those times? Some reference to this obscenity (‘happy’ 100th birthday!) should be taught at schools one would think?

We Europeans are taught this. Oh that’s right..Europe, where’s that again? No problem, I didn’t say a word.


Good book, very worthwhile reading, and obviously strong (yet redacted?) imagery from Ansel Adams. Look the documentary up on Netflix or find a copy of this book for yourself. You’ll not be wasting money.


I’m not dreaming


Because the good news is finally here: new album (digital) release on May 8th. I am overjoyed and can’t wait to hear what’s in store for us. The pre-released two videos (Daydreaming being the latest) are encouraging..but personally I hope there’s a few more up-tempo tracks on this album. I’ve been missing that..and have been dwelling on TKOL RMX 1234567 for a long time now (especially Caribous awesome remix), and enough is enough.


Another thing I’m looking forward to is the new album art. Being an enormous fan of Stanley Donwood’s art, I’m eagerly anticipating what’s going to be on the new album and singles.

Here’s the latest single Daydreaming:



Almost forgot! During my extended stay in Buffalo, NY this winter, I was lucky enough to find the 1995 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD at the Record Theatre for US$ 2.99. Talk about random. If you’re ever in that area, pay them a visit. Vinyl, tape, DVD, CD, name it they have it, and they’re rather cheap. I think they have an eBay store as well. And I’m good as the 2012 movie was, the original 1995 with Sylvester Stallone is IMHO still the best, by far. Over-the-top, brought-to-life’s all bad and that’s why it’s so good.


Have a listen to (part of) the original score composed and directed by Alan Silvestri:


And there you have old piece of 1995 orchestral music composed for a soundtrack, not even complete, just a shard of it, is removed almost before the upload is complete. Copyright infringement. Ah well. I guess you just have to look the damn thing up yourself then. You can listen to some tracks via the MP3 button. Bullshit intelligent software. Reminds me of when I uploaded a home made movie to Facebook..which identically swiftly got removed followed by a legal letter stipulating how to contest this decision (for a fee, obviously) and a life-time ban on uploading video. Yeah..Facebook is such a nice place to be..

What I CAN show you is the Judge Dredd OST from the Judge Dredd game for SNES by Acclaim. Also 1995, and also fun:

Anyway, back to the original CD. This is the track listing:

  1. Dredd Song – The Cure
  2. Darkness Falls – The The
  3. Super-Charger Heaven – White Zombie
  4. Need-Fire – Cocteau Twins
  5. Release the Pressure – Leftfield
  6. Judge Dredd Main Theme – The Sinfonia of London
  7. Judgement Day – The Sinfonia of London
  8. Block War – The Sinfonia of London
  9. We Created You – The Sinfonia of London
  10. Council Chaos – The Sinfonia of London
  11. Angel Family – The Sinfonia of London
  12. New World – The Sinfonia of London




Immersing myself deeper and deeper in this world called Dredd, I’ve for long been looking for figurines either from the movie (yes, the Sly movie) or from other ‘official’ channels. But these things are hard to find it seems! Till not too long ago I could only find fan-made stuff on the internet, but now -for some reason- things seem to be picking up. Last week I stumbled upon an absolutely awesome figurine, checked the website, and found even more.

Expensive, and pre-order, but oh oh me want. I’ve kind of set my mind on this LawMaster by MezcoToyz but for now I’ve settled for my little Pop! Vinyl Dredd. Which is fun too and much more affordable.


Update: ohhhhh there’s more to be found. PCS Collectibles is coming out with a 1:4 scale statue and just look at that diorama above! WorldOf3A seems to have some nice pieces, Art Figures (Artistic Interpretation?) has an awesome version of Dredd 3D (AF015) and apparently one can go around and shoot the LawGiver well LOL. Or should I just go old skool and look for the cool stuff at antique fairs and thrift shops? I must get another job. I must get these things. Aya..


About this day.. the Motherland. May 4th and 5th always have been important days for me, whether I’m in the Netherlands or elsewhere. Being of the post-war generation (my father was a war-baby, born just before the official liberation of the Netherlands), and having grandparents who either fought in this war, the previous one, or have been part of the resistance; May 4th is a special day. I make it a point not to skip it, and pay my respects to the fallen Dutchmen, -women, children, soldiers and everyone else. Hence, at 6PM I keep my mouth shut for a few minutes and remember my grandparents.


Having never served myself, I probably have less empathy for soldiers who voluntarily join whatever service their country provides and go to war, but often to complain afterwards how gruesome it is, questioning why they’re being sent out to x-y-z country for ‘humanitarian missions’, etc. etc. You signed up for it. Back in WW1&2 days service wasn’t voluntary (for the Dutch), and it was obviously do or die when this foreign army stampeded into the country to annex it as their own. Much respect.


May 5th is traditionally the day when in the Netherlands the lid comes off. Celebrations, festivals, parties throughout the country. Back in ‘my day’ it was utter mayhem in the capital and the other larger cities. Often combined with other events worthy of celebration, and without prejudice but with truckloads of pride.


So, today might be International Star Wars Day, for which I’d usually get rather excited being a huge fan myself; today I have mixed feelings about this. And I’ll stick with what I’m used to..which is mum’s-the-word in about 10 minutes from now. It’s the least I can do.