I’m just waiting

The long wait for the new album is over. And it looks promising. Aside from the expected bucket load of artwork, there’s an 11-track (only) CD, double vinyl, digital download and Special Edition (including art album, 2 LP’s, 2 CD’s and a piece of an original master tape..from anywhere in their recording history – back to Kid A) available.


I’ll have to skip on the last one though..it’s pricing puts it just outside what I’m willing to pay for this release. But..it might just show up somewhere cheaper later on in life, these things have happened before (but not when you give away your limited edition clear vinyl copy of TKOL to your best friend :P).


As for the music..I can’t tell you much yet! I’m going to order the CD or LP and will have to wait a month, at least. Or I’ll just wait altogether for it to show up in stores because for me it’ll 2x the going rate because of shipping cost. Meh. A-Moon-Shaped-Pool11 Tracks isn’t much, but the beauty of this release is that, as I understand it, most of these tracks have been in the works for many years now. Could have ended up on previous albums but never did. Were never quite ‘ready’ to be released. So it’s really a peek into Radiohead’s past, a little. And I am excited over that. But I tell myself I’m a patient man, so I’ll suffer through the additional time. It’s not all bad. Waiting makes results sweeter doesn’t it? We’ll see..