Probably quite inappropriate to some, but perfectly fine to me. Music is a thing. It’s always on, I’m always searching for undiscovered gems, in whatever genre. I can’t remember when I wasn’t asked to put something on, look for some tunes or just cast in a corner with a laptop and provide some beats while the party continues. Not strange then that my music library is perpetually out of storage space and that’s a good thing I don’t spend my very last cent on vinyl. Because there wouldn’t be a house large enough to contain it, nor a bank account deep enough to pay for it.

2016livedjsetsSo..every now and then I look around and find shit. And nowadays I just put what I find in some kind of playlist or mix or whatnots..burn it or upload it to ‘the clooouudd’, and leave it right there. It’s contagious though..because I can’t stop. I keep infecting myself with this virus. It’s MAS. Not GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). And I like it. Stop me.

These are a few of the latest compilations (I make them for myself but whoever wants one, being inner-circle-friend and all, can get one). Totally stupid ‘album art’ but who cares. I like it and that’s all that matters, non?