Immersing myself deeper and deeper in this world called Dredd, I’ve for long been looking for figurines either from the movie (yes, the Sly movie) or from other ‘official’ channels. But these things are hard to find it seems! Till not too long ago I could only find fan-made stuff on the internet, but now -for some reason- things seem to be picking up. Last week I stumbled upon an absolutely awesome figurine, checked the website, and found even more.

Expensive, and pre-order, but oh oh me want. I’ve kind of set my mind on this LawMaster by MezcoToyz but for now I’ve settled for my little Pop! Vinyl Dredd. Which is fun too and much more affordable.


Update: ohhhhh there’s more to be found. PCS Collectibles is coming out with a 1:4 scale statue and just look at that diorama above! WorldOf3A seems to have some nice pieces, Art Figures (Artistic Interpretation?) has an awesome version of Dredd 3D (AF015) and apparently one can go around and shoot the LawGiver well LOL. Or should I just go old skool and look for the cool stuff at antique fairs and thrift shops? I must get another job. I must get these things. Aya..