The 6ix

As so dubbed by Drake, “the 6ix” is starting to grow on me. It has been from the moment I first set foot here. I find this an interesting city. It’s definitely a metropole, yet keeps a certain quirky cosmopolitan feel to it. Urban areas somehow blend into the ‘city’ seamlessly, and so do the people who make up the GTA. There’s so much to do and see that I wouldn’t know where to start, each area is more interesting than the next. I feel comfortable here, at home even. All my whims are taken care of, whether it’s cultural, artistic or the simple joys of foods and beverages.

This summer I will attempt to capture some of how this city speaks to me in images, hopefully to result in a little document for myself (and you) that shows my new found affection for Ontario’s capital. A first interpretation starts today; Part One of 6IX. More to follow..

A few examples of the first gallery as just posted on my website. Please note that the original scans have been edited to compensate for the, in my opinion, lab’s botched scanning.


Tulips at Edwards Gardens


Toronto Skyline from Riverdale Park East


Gooderham Building (Flatiron) at Front St E and Church St


Edwards Botanical Gardens at Lawrence Ave E


Brookfield Place at Bay St


Streetcar at Sumach St and Queen St E