The 6ix

As so dubbed by Drake, “the 6ix” is starting to grow on me. It has been from the moment I first set foot here. I find this an interesting city. It’s definitely a metropole, yet keeps a certain quirky cosmopolitan feel to it. Urban areas somehow blend into the ‘city’ seamlessly, and so do the people who make up the GTA. There’s so much to do and see that I wouldn’t know where to start, each area is more interesting than the next. I feel comfortable here, at home even. All my whims are taken care of, whether it’s cultural, artistic or the simple joys of foods and beverages.

This summer I will attempt to capture some of how this city speaks to me in images, hopefully to result in a little document for myself (and you) that shows my new found affection for Ontario’s capital. A first interpretation starts today; Part One of 6IX. More to follow..

A few examples of the first gallery as just posted on my website. Please note that the original scans have been edited to compensate for the, in my opinion, lab’s botched scanning.


Tulips at Edwards Gardens


Toronto Skyline from Riverdale Park East


Gooderham Building (Flatiron) at Front St E and Church St


Edwards Botanical Gardens at Lawrence Ave E


Brookfield Place at Bay St


Streetcar at Sumach St and Queen St E



For which there’s no usable English translation. Things to keep me busy, I suppose. One of my guilty pleasures are Asian movies, particularly from the hands of directors like Kim Ki-Duk, Akira Kurosawa, Il-Gon Son, Takashi Miike, Yojiro Takita and many more. I won’t go too deep into what triggered my affection to these genres, but suffice to say such movies keep me glued behind my TV screen for hours at end. I watch them like reading books.

Perhaps it’s the cinematography. Perhaps it’s the story lines. Perhaps it’s the psychology behind the characters. Perhaps it’s minimalism, extremism or even existentialism. Who knows, it’s however meant for an entirely different conversation. But it can surely be fun to take mental snapshots, which I do often. So here’s a little memory game I devised for myself..just a start, there’s much more coming. Single lines that mean something, anything, to me or to you perhaps also.  Continue reading



For a while now I’ve been trying hard to break all the Instagram rules I can find. Nudity, obscenity, and most importantly: repetition. Nearly every day I take the same ruddy picture from my balcony. Same angle, same view, different time of day and (hopefully) different weather. I guess it’s some sort of morning meditation for me..since I usually get up at ungodly hours. And the point of all this? None whatsoever.

Yet I do get likes on these identical images. Repeating likes from the same people. I wonder why..maybe my somewhat programmed morning ritual is not as mundane as theirs, who knows..

Anywho, they’re on Instagram, and on my own website..and now a few here too. Just like that.


Okay that’s weird

Coming to Canada has opened up a lot of doors otherwise closed or hard to locate. For example comic books. Sure there’s plenty to go around in the Netherlands, but not in such huge quantities as over here. Strangely enough this is where I decided to do something about my Judge Dredd fascination, and not in Europe (since Judge Dredd was conceived in the UK, not North America). Thankfully there’s Dredd to be found..lots of stuff. Mountains of stuff. Slowly I’m building a isn’t much but that’s not the point. It’s possible and therefor I’m doing it. Because Dredd is so cool. And I mean the Sly Dredd. Here’s my comics collection thus far..more to follow soon.


Blog Exclusive

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Blue Jays in action

Holidays are over, time to clean up the picture libraries. Sometime later this year there’ll probably be more coming once I finally develop some rolls of film. Till then, digisnaps is what there is, and here are some web exclusives. Behind the scenes. In the VIP area. Private moments. Indulging moments. All that jazz. Good and fresh memories, which will be just stewing and brewing till more can be made.. Couldn’t have wished for a better start of spring and my Canadian adventure. Thank you titta -xxx-.