World Wide Where?

Ermm..yeah. After many years one’s bound to leave traces online. And if one’s not careful, a myriad of websites, blogs, communities etc. So, here’s where you can find me! These are the active websites..anything else you might find I forgot about. For those rainy days..why not.

LOGO-elloI’m a proud member of the Ello community from the early days on. I use this website for posting updates to my own portfolio, and I dig up cool stuff others post there. Very much worth a check.

LOGO-torontoAlso on Ello, I’m the lead of ElloToronto..a community page where anything awesomely Toronto is gathered. Arts, imagery, Toronto life. It’s awesome eh..check it out. Not that much Blue Jays, mind you.

LOGO-soundcloudI’ve been making a little playlist on SoundCloud, and aim to add more and more over time. Easy music. Nothing heavy. Very danceable.


LOGO-websiteMy portfolio..without logo. Because I suck at making logos. But this is where I put my ‘serious’ photography. Not regularly updated but worth a visit. You knew I’d say that.

LOGO-facebookThe dreaded Facebook. Granted, handy to stay in touch with people far away, but I don’t like it. We’ll see how long I’ll be around there..


LOGO-instagramThe Instagram. Well yes..why not. New account, new stuff..we’ll see. It’s fun though..that’s the main reason. Fairly active here.


LOGO-twitterOf course I can’t leave out that evil little bird. Not under my usual name here, but post regularly. Mainly photography, but also a newsletter (yes, on film photography). Keep an eye out.